Cooks Extremely Well, Evenly and Cleanup Is A Snap

The air fryer is well constructed and has a stylish design that looks good on the counter. The instructions are well written and easy to follow which helps at getting up and going quickly.

It does take a little trial and error to get things exactly like you like. As in my video, I use frozen chicken wings from a big box store and since they are smaller I needed to cut 2 minutes off of each side and my second batch was perfect. The front programs are easy to cycle through and you can change each setting by hand to fit your preferences as well as just setting the time and temperature that works for you. I've found since purchasing the air fryer it is easier to cook healthy and is perfect for an individual so you don't have to heat up an oven for simple meals. The cleanup is incredibly easy due to the nonstick surface. After cooking the teriyaki chicken wings I sprayed it with Dawn Powerwash and while eating let it sit and once done it almost just rinsed out completely.